Genius hack promises to help you tear kitchen foil in a straight line every time

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A TikTok user has shared a clever kitchen foil hack to ensure it breaks off in a perfect line every time. (Getty Images)
A TikTok user has shared a clever kitchen foil hack to ensure it breaks off in a perfect line every time. (Getty Images)

Tearing off a sheet of tin foil is one of those things that should be simple, particularly as the box comes with a handy serrated edge to help neatly break off a section.

But the reality is often quite different, with the foil regularly breaking off in your hand, leaving you with a jagged scrap rather than the clean-cut sheet you'd been hoping for.

Thankfully, a woman has discovered a simple yet game-changing hack to break off the perfect piece of tin foil every time.

TikTok user @6quence uploaded the instructional video with the caption: "How have I been doing this so wrong?"

She first demonstrates the old method, which leaves her with an unusable scrap of foil, before then starting again by pulling out the amount of foil she wants to break off and laying the edge over the serrated section of the box.

Here comes the clever bit... the foil in the box is then rolled backwards to reel it back in, pulling it against the jagged spikes and breaking it off in a perfect straight line.

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The instructional video has gone viral, clocking up more than 1.2 million views on the video sharing platform with some claiming "my whole life just changed" after watching the kitchen hack.

It seems many people were blown away that they had never seen the method before.

"What the fawk? So I've been doing it wrong this whole time?" one TikTok user wrote.

"Am I even breathing right?" another joked.

"I tried this and it works. It's a little awkward when using a small roll but it works well! Great tip," a third user commented.

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But some people had alternative ideas about the best way to cut tin foil, with another user adding: "Uhhhh no... just close the lid. Keep your fingers off the tin foil."

"No, just hold the foil from the middle not the edge then rip down and away," another suggested.

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This isn't the only kitchen hack impressing social media of late. Last week, TikTok users were impressed by a no-cut hack for those times when you just need a bit of juice and not the whole lemon.

The clever trick takes just a few simple steps and ensures you don't have to bin the rest of the fruit if you only need a little bit of juice.

And last month we learned a simple, yet effective, trick to stop your eyes watering when chopping onions, (swimming goggles not required).

Another kitchen trick proving popular is a genius no-scrub cleaning hack for helping to rid your cooker of stubborn grease while you sleep.

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