Kisses Delavin needs time to start new love team

23 Nov – Kisses Delavin recently responded to rumours of a new onscreen partner, saying that she will welcome any actor who would be willing to work with her.

Nonetheless, according to Push, the actress is hoping to be given some time before she is given another leading man, especially since it's just recently that her tandem KissMarc with Marco Gallo ended.

"I believe that the supporters of KissMarc will be heartbroken if the change comes too sudden. So I think it's better if we take some time to do that, because it won't be easy for them," she said.

As to reports that Tony Labrusca may be her new partner, Delavin responded, "He is a nice guy. It's fine by me. I can be paired with anybody because it's all about doing what you love. But to me, it is too early because KissMarc had just ended."

It was back in October that Delavin announced that she is no longer working with Gallo as a love team, following a controversial spat during their appearance on the online show Kapamilya Chat.

(Photo Source: Kisses Delavin Instagram)