Kirsten Dunst overhauled wardrobe after welcoming first child

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst tossed out a lot of her pre-baby outfits following the birth of her first child.

The actress, who welcomed a son named Ennis with her actor fiance Jesse Plemons in May 2018, opened up about becoming a mother in the latest issue of PorterEdit, and explained that she is in no rush to return to her former figure. In fact, Kirsten got rid of any clothes that no longer fit her or she no longer wears and sold them online.

"I want to look nice for how I look now. There was a time when I was like, 'S**t! I don't fit into anything anymore.' I just bought clothes in the size I am now," she told the publication. "I don't care. I sold all this stuff on (luxury consignment website) The RealReal. And there was some really good stuff in there!"

Kirsten went on to explain that she doesn't feel any pressure to hit the gym or get abs. Instead, the former child star is much more interested in nabbing parts that challenge her acting skills.

"I have a very healthy perspective of being an actress. I haven't worked out once since I had my baby. I'm not one of those people who says, 'Ohhh I have to get my abs back.' I feel like I've established myself as an actress," the 37-year-old insisted. "I have a healthy amount of vanity that hasn't tipped into something really destructive. I want to find parts where I don't have to be that person, and I have plenty of role models. Look at Patricia Arquette."

Elsewhere in the chat, Kirsten credited the influence of filmmaker Sofia Coppola as the reason why she has never been tempted to get aesthetic dental work to "fix" her slightly crooked smile.

"Later, when I was working on Spider-Man, people were recommending a dentist," she recalled. "I would think, 'Well, Sofia likes my teeth. She's so natural, so chic and feminine, and she's directing movies.' If she thinks I'm pretty, I'm pretty."

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