Kimmel Jokes Truth Social Lost So Much Money ‘They Might Have to Start Calling it Twitter’ (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel was positively delighted by the news this week that Donald Trump’s Twitter clone, Truth Social, has turned into a financial failure. Truth social has lost so much money “they might have to start calling it Twitter,” Kimmel said, mocking both Trump and Elon Musk. Ouch.

What inspired this line of jokes is the security filing this week in which it came out that after making a profit of $22 million in 2022, Truth Social has lost $73 million this year. It’s a steep decline for the social media site Trump founded as a haven for right wingers after being kicked off of Twitter for his attempts to overthrow the government after the 2020 election.

“According to a new disclosure from a company Truth Social is trying to merge with, Trump’s imaginary social media platform Truth Social has lost $73 million dollars since it launched,” Kimmel explained. “Which means it is Donald Trump’s number one most successful company yet.”

“They say that Truth Social has lost so much money, they might have to start calling it ‘Twitter,'” Kimmel continued, an obvious reference to the way Elon Musk has run Twitter — which he renamed “X” for some reason — into the ground since buying it and turning it into a haven for right wing propaganda.

“Even Melania hasn’t posted in 2 months. Melania Trump’s whereabouts are currently unknown,” Kimmel continued. “But we are getting details about her life in the White House, thanks to an interview in The Washington Post with her former advisor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.”

“Remember how it took months for Melania to move to Washington after Trump got elected? That’s because she refused to move in until they installed a new toilet. Apparently, she wanted to make sure the toilet was large enough to flush herself down,” Kimmel added.

Watch the whole video above.

Incidentally, Trump has of course been welcomed back on Twitter by Musk, but so far he has refused.

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