Kim Kardashian reveals she can do her own makeup in just FIVE minutes!

Kim Kardashian can do her own makeup in just five minutes credit:Bang Showbiz
Kim Kardashian can do her own makeup in just five minutes credit:Bang Showbiz

Kim Kardashian can do her own makeup in as little as five minutes.

The 43-year-old reality superstar admitted that even though she is "not as skilled" as the team she employs to get her ready for high-profile events, she "loves" being able to do it herself and has learned "all the tricks" during her years in the business.

She told Harper's Bazaar: "I pretty much can do my makeup in five minutes. And so when I do my makeup myself, I used to do all mattes before, and now I like a little bit more creams. So I’ll do like more cream bronzer, cream blush, cream highlighter.

"And then mascara and lip liner, that’s my go-to. I quickly do concealer, just to kind of spot on my face. But yeah, I love doing my makeup myself.

"I’m not as skilled because I totally tune out when they do my makeup. But I’ve learned so many tricks. I’ve learned all the tricks. And then I have to schedule like full glam sessions where it’s like a lesson, so I can actually learn things."

'The Kardashians' star has now launched her new cosmetics line SKKN and has incorporated her previous brands KKW Fragrance, and KKW Beauty into one with the new venture to save having to run three separate entities, noting that she wants the brand to be completely "authentic" to herself.

She said: "So I always wanted to shut everything down and launch one beauty brand that would have everything you could imagine, from skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, nails—whatever, you know, is under the beauty umbrella. When I was rebranding and thinking of a name, I always loved the name SKKN, not just for skincare, but spelled like that, because my initials are in the middle, obviously.

"This new brand, I want it to be like 100 percent authentically me. I didn’t want to do all of the purple shadows and red lips and all this stuff that I don’t personally wear.

"I always wanted it to be just the products and the color tones that would enhance your skin and your skin tone. And to find, like, huge shade ranges and lips and lip liners and whatever we do, you know; or contouring, and all the stuff that we’ll eventually come out with—I always wanted one brand that can sell all of everything in every beauty category."