Kim Kardashian looks totally unrecognisable with a buzz cut

kim kardashian is unrecognisable after buzz cut transformation
Kim K with a buzz cut? We're speechless STEFANO RELLANDINI - Getty Images

We may be guilty of throwing the term 'hair transformation' around a lot; whether it be some subtle curtain bangs being cut in or a blonde colour switch-up, we're here for them all. However, nothing has been quite as ground-breaking as this recent celeb hair transformation. Can someone please tell us if Mercury is in retrograde? Because we never thought we'd see the day when Kim Kardashian shaved off her legendary locks. We're shell-shocked.

Yep, believe it. The beauty mogul has been seen on the cover of C R Fashion Book with a totally new look: a shaved head. We have intrusive thoughts about picking up the clippers every time we have to get out of bed early to wash our hair or our hair gets tangled in knots, but Kim went and actually did it. Well, it certainly looks like she did:

Once we drew our eyes away from the shocking new pixie crop, we also noticed Kim was sporting some seriously retro brows. The 90s called, they want their pencil-thin brows back.

No matter how many times you look, we really wouldn't have ever thought this was Kim K if she hadn't been physically tagged in the post itself. Instagram tags don't lie, people.

We're going to speculate at this point that this must be some kind of wig/PhotoShop wizardry because surely Kim wouldn't have shaved her long locks off? It just doesn't seem very on-brand to us.

Real or faux, one thing has been confirmed: Kim Kardashian really can wear any hairstyle.

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