Kim Heechul broke up with ex-girlfriend as she 'would not stop touching' him

Simi John
Kim Heechul

Kim Heechul revealed a bit too much about a former girlfriend Instagram/kimheenim

Kim Heechul has shared few details about his love life. During an episode of Ask Us Anything, the 33-year-old singer accidentally revealed a bit too much about a former girlfriend.

Super Junior members Leeteuk and Shindong pushed Heechul to share an incident about a girl he met at a nightclub, and started dating later. He said: "We were watching 'The Lion King' at a DVD room, and she wouldn't stop touching me, so I broke up with her."

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"I really like animated movies, so when I was watching it, I was really invested. But she kept touching me, and it was bothering me, so we just ended up breaking up," he added

"We never even got to have our first kiss," Super Junior joked.

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Previously, during an episode of Channel A's Singderella, Heechul shared that the Super Junior members always tell each other if there is a girl that they like. He said: He said: "If I get a girlfriend, I tell my members. It's to make sure that I don't overlap with them. Luckily, that hasn't happened yet. I think our tastes in girls are all different."

"If one of our members likes someone, this is what happens. If they like Cheng Xiao in Cosmic Girls, they'll say, 'I think Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao is really nice,'" he added.

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