Kim Chiu finally understand half-siblings through "Love Thy Woman"

Heidi Hsia

11 Feb – Kim Chiu is excited about her new series, "Love Thy Woman", as it is a story that is close to her heart and her identity as a Chinese-Filipina.

As reported on Rappler, the actress who appeared at the press conference of the new Kapamilya series recently, stated that the story is about a modern Chinoy family and the conflict between two wives and their daughters - which is a story that she connects well as her biological father also had many wives in real life.

Playing Jia Wong, the daughter from the second family, Chiu said, "In real life, I am part of the first family. So it is quite challenging for me to play the role of the daughter from the second family, because they are the ones who are not really talked about."

Chiu stated that only after playing the role did she realise how hard it must have been for her own half-siblings from her father's second partner.

"If you're from the first family, you're the bolder one. Since my character puts me as part of the second family, I now understand what my other siblings felt," she said.

The project also marks the reunion between Chiu and her onscreen partner Xian Lim. In the drama, Lim plays the role of David Chow, the husband of the Wongs' daughter from the first family Dana who finds himself falling in love with Jia while his wife is in coma.

"Love Thy Woman" premieres on 10 February.

(Photo Source: Kim Chiu Instagram)