Kim Cattrall's TV return helped her work through 'mid-life crisis'

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall's return to TV in the Fox series Filthy Rich helped her figure out "next chapter of my life".

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, the actress reflected on why she delayed her return to television.

"I was having a lot of questions about mid-life crisis, about menopause, about what now, what is the next chapter of my life," she said, reported Fox News.

Explaining how her character in the show helped her work through her own dilemmas, Kim continued: "She's in her 60s like I am. You're starting to lose your family members, you're starting to lose friends. It does bring to question, what now and how much longer?

"I like to work things out in my work. If I have these questions, maybe other women are having them."

And she noted her return to TV was a shock to the system, as the environment behind the scenes had changed so much.

"Coming back to television has changed so much just since I did Sex and the City," the 63-year-old recalled. "I mean we don't cut anymore, we just keep going. Everything is digital, instead of one or two cameras, we have five cameras. You can't kind of warm-up to a close-up. You have to be right on your game all the time."

Filthy Rich premieres later this year.

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