Kid Freaks Out Over Meghan Markle and the Queen

Erica Gonzales
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From Harper's BAZAAR

Meghan Markle is on her first official engagements with Queen Elizabeth II today. It's a truly exciting moment for the new Duchess of Sussex, who just officially joined the royal family less than a month ago. Their destination was Chester, where the royal duo started their day of events with the opening of Mersey Gateway Bridge.

Crowds gathered to watch the royals arrive at Runcorn Station, as they usually do for Markle's engagements, and the throngs included schoolchildren waving British flags. But one student seemed more excited than the rest:

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Seriously, this kid is so happy right now. But we can't help but relate. Seeing Markle on her first solo outing with Her Majesty (and without Prince Harry) is a big deal, and a show of the Duchess' quick transition into royal life. Plus, after her sweet moment with the monarch this morning, our faces did look a bit like this:

This isn't the first time kids have made funny faces around the Duchess of Sussex. At her wedding to Prince Harry, one of her page boys photobombed her with an extremely excited face (and a missing tooth) as they walked own the aisle. The adorable culprit was one of the Mulroney twins, sons of the bride's best friend, Jessica Mulroney.

Then there was also her niece Princess Charlotte, who stuck her tongue out at photographers as she rode in the car with the rest of the bridal party. (She even mirrored Prince Harry.)

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In addition to the Mersey Gateway Bridge opening, Markle and the Queen are also celebrating the launch of Storyhouse Theater and having lunch at Chester Town Hall. We wonder what excited children await them at their future engagements.

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