Khloé Kardashian's waterfall tresses proves the 00s poker-straight hair trend is on its way back

khloe kardashian straight hair
Khloé's waterfall hair proves the 00s are back NBC - Getty Images

After dabbling in honey blondes and toffee shades, the official blonde Kardashian, Khloé (other's may try but only one commits), has been working her way back to lighter blonde with trending 'vanilla latte hair'. With tousled waves and 70s curls, we've only seen so much of the colour's detail, but every slither of highlight is on display with her latest impossibly shiny waterfall hairstyle.

Centre-parted, slicker than slick, and falling down from the head with zero lift or volume, the nostalgic style has been making a steady return, transporting us all back to 2006. Though KoKo has skipped the streak highlights this time, her long biscuit root and base colour melts into warm and creamy vanilla highlights, and her invisibly blended extensions are a far cry from the peak 00s babes' 24-inches-straight-out-of-a-lob take.

Set your morning alarms 40 mins earlier ladies, and get those purple Babyliss straighteners out: 00s poker-straight hair is back. Transporting us back to a time where volume was a dirty word and heat defence was a myth. In fact, go ahead and straighten slightly damp strands to get that sizzle that means you know it's working. Ah, that fragrant burnt smell.

Just from looking at Khloé's glossy tresses, it's very clear the style is back without the horrors we committed to get our hair that straight. Gone are the days of sticky heat defence sprays that smelt like plastic, now they aid in the silky smoothness you're after, and using heat without one fills us with the fear it should. And GHDs new Duet 2-in-1 wet to straight hot air styler is no relation to your frazzling youth antics.

It's not complicated. Poker straight is back, heat damage... is not. Can we make it any more obvious?

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