Khalid lands Reebok campaign

Khalid stars in Reebok campaign. Courtesy of Reebok

Khalid has landed a global partnership with Reebok.

The Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter is teaming with bosses at the sportswear giant on the Sport the Unexpected campaign, set to be released in the spring.

Regarding the collaboration, Khalid explained that he has always been a fan of the label and appreciates the way the design team offer clothing and footwear with a "fresh twist".

"I'm amped to partner with Reebok," he said. "I love how they mix old and new and honour the classics with fresh twists. I hope we can inspire a new generation of people to be themselves and take creative chances."

In a teaser image from his debut campaign, Khalid is seen posing in jeans, a white jacket, and white Reebok sneakers while standing next to a vintage car. Another shot sees him playing with his dog Maui, who is decked out in a specially designed tracksuit.

And Matt Blonder, vice president of marketing and digital brand commerce, is thrilled to welcome the 21-year-old into the Reebok fold.

"Khalid continues to be a beacon of originality, pride and imagination for today's rising youth," the executive praised. "Through his unique sound and a personal journey that took him across the country, Khalid authentically symbolises our common ethos - to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation. We're privileged to welcome him to our family."

Khalid follows in the footsteps of current Reebok brand ambassadors such as Nathalie Emmanuel, Gigi Hadid, Gal Gadot, Future, Cardi B, Danai Gurira, and Conor McGregor.

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