KFC Toa Payoh customer labelled a cheapo by netizens over a cup of plain water

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You’ve probably heard of this popular saying that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” at least once in your lifetime. Recently, during Father’s Day on 19 June 2022, a customer who dined at KFC‘s Toa Payoh outlet posted a complaint on SgfollowsAll, an Instagram page, claiming that their Father’s Day dinner was ruined— all because of a free cup of plain water.

kfc toa payoh - screenshot of complain

Apparently, the diner brought five other members of the family to the fast food restaurant and purchased an à la carte order for 15 pieces of chicken. Due to the fact that they didn’t want to order soft drinks, the diner asked a KFC staff member for seven cups of plain water.

The diner’s seven-year-old son spilled one of the cups by accident, which resulted in a request for an additional cup of water. In response, the KFC staff said that they had already given the family seven cups of water and couldn’t give them another one. Instead, the staff told them to order soft drinks instead.

kfc toa payoh - chicken closeup

According to the Instagram post, the diner returned to ask for the service staff’s name and planned on lodging a complaint, to which the service staff refused to divulge her name and directed the diner to her manager. The diner said the assistant manager of KFC’s Toa Payoh outlet later made an apology over the incident, remarking that it was “the only saving grace”.

The post ended with the diner commenting: “Seriously, how much does a small cup of plain water cost the restaurant?! Why can’t I ask for more water after my son has accidentally spilled his?”

kfc toa payoh - netizens complains

As of the time of writing, the viral post has received more than 6,800 likes and over 200 comments. One user commented that most restaurants do not serve free water and asked the diner to stop giving the KFC staff at Toa Payoh a headache. Another user called the diner “cheapo at its best”.

I’ve previously worked in the F&B industry and have seen my fair share of entitled guests and ridiculous requests. I looked up KFC’s à la carte menu page and a bottle of mineral water costs just S$2.55. In my opinion, it’s not worth to escalate this matter just because of free water. What are your views on this?

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