KFC Singapore releases Red Hot Szechuan Chicken, not chicken-flavoured milk

Elizabeth Tong
Entertainment Reporter
KFC releases new Red Hot Szechuan chicken in Singapore. (Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Less than a week after teasing the introduction of a new “KFC Milk” on their Facebook page, KFC Singapore revealed on Wednesday (15 November) that they are actually bringing back an old favourite, the Red Hot Chicken – this time, with a new Szechuan-inspired flavour.

The Red Hot Chicken was first released back in July 2015, and made two other returns in November 2015 and November 2016.

The release of the Red Hot Szechuan Chicken comes shortly after KFC ‘punked’ Singapore with the release of a “Double Steamed Chicken” burger, which turned out to be a re-release of the Zinger Double Down burger.

The teaser featuring “KFC Milk” with the caption “You’re going to need it soon” reminded people of KFC’s previous prank, with some questioning if they were going to release anything from “buttermilk fried chicken” to “chicken-flavoured milk”. Drinking milk is known to ease the effects of spicy foods on the tongue.

(Thankfully, they’re not releasing chicken-flavour milk.)

The Red Hot Szechuan Chicken comes in a Red Hot Meal ($8.50) and Red Hot Box ($10.20), and is available starting from 15 November 2017 until 2 January 2018.

Dubbed by KFC Singapore as their “spiciest chicken ever”, the chicken is marinated in Szechuan-style marinade, coated in paprika batter and topped with chilli sprinkles. It also comes with a “Flaming Hot Sauce” to kick the spice up a notch (or two).

If you are still looking for some of that “KFC Milk”, the fast food chain will be giving away milk bottles with the “KFC Milk” packaging.

From Wednesday to Friday (15-17 November), fewer than 400 bottles will be given out with every purchase of the Red Hot Szechuan Chicken at these five outlets: Changi Business Park, Harbourfront Centre, Plaza Singapura, Toa Payoh Hub and Novena Square.

On Saturday and Sunday (18 and 19 November), fewer than 800 bottles will be given out with every purchase of the Red Hot Szechuan Chicken at these six outlets – Compass One, Jurong Point, Sun Plaza, Tampines Hub, Waterway Point and Hougang Mall.

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