KFC Is Launching a New Chicken Wrap That’s Even Better Than the Snack Wrap

But it might look a bit familiar.

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Adobe Stock/Allrecipes

Just when we think the fast-food chicken wrap saga is over, another new Snack Wrap copycat pops up.

If you need a refresher, McDonald’s discontinued its popular Snack Wrap in 2016. Then KFC, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Sonic released fried or grilled chicken wraps in 2023 (yes, all in the same year). Those chicken wraps have acted as great placeholders for Mickey D’s Snack Wrap, allegedly returning within a few years. Even Taco Bell has a limited-edition chicken taco that fans say tastes like the Snack Wrap.

So, with chicken wraps at almost all your favorite fast-food restaurants, what’s the deal with the newest announcement?

KFC has decided that its snacking wrap, made with one chicken tender and a few additional toppings, just isn’t enough. So, the fried chicken chain is testing a new version of its fan-favorite wrap that’s more suitable for a complete meal.

KFC Testing New Twister Wraps

KFC is testing a new-and-improved Twister wrap in the Nashville area this month.

You might recall KFC selling a similar "Twister" about 10 years ago—which customers liked so much they even petitioned the Colonel to get it back. Now, KFC has revamped the highly requested menu item to look more like it does at KFC locations in other countries, such as the U.K., Canada, and South Africa.

The Twister wrap's chicken tender will use a new recipe—well, actually, an old recipe. KFC will test using its Original Recipe—yes, the iconic 11 herbs and spices—to make its crispy chicken tenders.



The Twister will include two Original Recipe tenders, lettuce, tomato, and the beloved pepper mayo sauce on a toasted tortilla. It will be available in an original and spicy variety for $5.99.

KFC will run the test at select locations in the Nashville market, meaning customers who try the Twister wrap and new Original Recipe tenders will decide whether KFC will bring the items to its national menu.

If customers like the wraps as much as I did when I tested them at KFC's Lousiville headquarters in March, we'll hopefully see them hit menus soon. While I enjoyed the heartier wraps, the Original Recipe tenders, coated with KFC's 11 herbs and spices, knocked it out of the park. I'll take these any day over the currently available Extra Crispy tenders.

Here's hoping you get to try them soon, too. Nashville, we're counting on you.

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