Kevin Tsai apologises to Barbie Hsu for causing backlash

Heidi Hsia
·2-min read

4 Jan – TV personality Kevin Tsai recently made a public apology to actress Barbie Hsu for accidentally sparking hate against her after his statement about her attitude towards her assistant was distorted by irresponsible parties.

As reported on Mingpao, the Taiwanese host sparked a heated debate recently after a clip of him sharing his thoughts about interpersonal relationships went viral recently, with Kevin using Barbie as an example - saying that the actress would gesture with her fingers to ask her assistant to do something.

"Isn't this like training dogs? This is not an attitude towards people," he was heard saying.

His statement had since sparked anger among netizens, who accused Barbie of not treating her staff humanely. On the other hand, others blasted Kevin for dragging the actress through the mud.

Clarifying himself following the backlash, Kevin stated that the content of the statement was about how girls expect their boyfriend to understand everything, and that he only used the example of how Barbie had to speak to her assistant using gestures because she couldn't talk during filming.

"I said that girls shouldn't treat their boyfriend like a dog. I don't know the logic of why the statement was edited that way. It was taken out of context and was given a false title as well, which had caused great damage to Barbie. I am extremely sorry to Barbie. I should have made sure that I would not say something that could possibly be distorted or misunderstood. This is completely my fault," he said.

Kevin also stated that he will ensure to speak more carefully in the future so not to cause harm to others.

On the other hand, Barbie stressed that she did not blame Kevin for the issue, saying that she was born with a target on her back.

"Don't blame Kevin. I still love him," she added.

As for the supposed treatment of her assistant, Barbie's manager stated, "I was on the scene when it happened. When you are filming on set you can only communicate with the assistants through your eyes or gestures. This is the most efficient way so not to delay shoot. This way the cast and crew can go home on time and have a good rest."

(Photo Source: Mingpao)