Kevin Smith & Harley Quinn Smith Get Tearful In Yoga Hosers Interview

You wouldn’t think that an ultra-low brow comedy about a duo of teenage convenience store clerks and yoga enthusiasts who do battle with an army of Nazi sausages could in any way result in a bracing attack of ‘the feels’ – but you might be surprised.


Yahoo Movies invited Harley Quinn Smith, co-lead of ‘Yoga Hosers’ and daughter of director Kevin Smith, to interview her father on the eve of the film’s US theatrical release, and both parties were tearful by the end.

Harley Quinn Smith (who was of course named after the DC character by her famous comic book enthusiast father) made her film debut at only a year old, playing baby Silent Bob in 2001’s ‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.’

More blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos in ‘Jersey Girl’ and ‘Clerks 2’ followed, until aged 15 she got her first speaking part in 2014’s ‘Tusk’ alongside Lily-Rose Depp, the two real-life best friends reprising those same roles in ‘Yoga Hosers.’

In the interview, Smith Jr. only managed to ask her father a single question – to name his favourite actor he’d ever worked with. Without missing a beat, Smith Sr. answered, “You.” And things only got more emotional from there.

Watch the interview in full below (be warned there’s some censored strong language).

In a nutshell, Smith Sr. explained that he’d gone through a dark period of his career after directing the Bruce Willis comedy ‘Cop Out,’ which was a huge flop both commercially and critically, resulting in an outspoken, bitter conflict between the filmmaker and seemingly the entire institution of film criticism.

But the director tells his daughter that directing her scene in ‘Tusk’ proved a major personal turning point:

“That’s where everything changed, that’s where you became my favorite performer of all time. Because you were the difference-maker. I let go of all that bitter s–t that I held onto for so long. The me-versus-them, and chip-on-my-shoulder artist s–t.”


Having already reduced his daughter to tears, Smith Sr. continues, “You made me want to be a better filmmaker more than anyone in this world, because I was like, ‘Oh, I can be useful again.’”

This tender display of genuine father-daughter affection almost makes one sorry to see that ‘Yoga Hosers’ has been more-or-less universally panned by critics, garnering a 22% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

There is no UK release confirmed for ‘Yoga Hosers’ at present.

Picture Credit: Smodcast Pictures, Getty

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