Kev Yiu apologises for rants about Christine Kuo's dress

24 Dec – Hong Kong fashion designer Kev Yiu has recently apologised for the storm caused by his previous post that was allegedly about Christine Kuo's wedding dress.

As reported on HK01, on 23 December, the KEVOLIE owner took to social media to address the issue, and wrote, "I didn't expect a post on my social platform would cause such an uproar. I am so sorry for causing trouble to all the parties involved."

"There are more important things that deserve your attention. I sincerely thank everybody for the concern. I will continue to create new designs. Thank you," he added.

The issue sparked last weekend, when Kev took to social media to share his experience designing a bridal gown for a former TVB actress, saying that the person failed to acknowledge his design and even declined to publicise it as she considered it a bad dress.

Although he mentioned no names, Kev did respond to netizens who suggested that he was talking about Christine Kuo, who wore his Beauty and the Beast-inspired creation at her wedding with racer William Lok.

Christine's camp had since responded to the issue, saying they were perplexed as to why Kev suddenly aired his grievances a year after despite previously expressing no issue whatsoever.

(Photo Source: Kev Yiu Instagram)