Keung To releases dance version music video of his new song Mirror In Mirror

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Keung To in Mirror In Mirror. (Screenshot: YouTube)
Keung To in Mirror In Mirror. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Keung To from Cantopop boy band Mirror released the dance version music video of his latest song Mirror In Mirror on Saturday (15 January).

With a bloody makeup and a mysterious black costume, both of which come from the original music video released on 2 January, Keung performs the artistic dance with a crew also clad in black on a theatrical stage. The stage is also part of the scenes in the original music video.

Keung revealed on his Instagram, quoting the words from one of the dancers, that this dance version only existed because of a last-minute decision that the stage was grand enough to do a full dance like in concerts. As the dance version was not in the schedule, and the location was only available for another 10 minutes or so, they went straight into the actual filming without a rehearsal.

The dance version music video that we are watching is essentially a miracle because the cameraman, the lighting crew and of course, the dancers and the singer himself all come together as one, relying on their established teamwork and professionalism.

Furthermore, the music video was filmed in a single take with a 360-degree view of the dance as the camera circled the stage. The expressive dance serves to enhance the story the song is trying to present, with the melody by Gareth Tong, who also wrote Mirror’s 12, and lyrics by Siu Hak, describing Keung’s life and his thoughts.

Keung had gone through ups and downs after he catapulted to fame, emerging victorious in the reality competition show Good Night Show - King Maker that produced Mirror. From avoiding the naysayers, to wanting to rebut them, to reflecting on his actions, to ultimately accepting the criticisms, he finally understood that his biggest enemy is no one but himself.

Mirror In Mirror charts his journey of self-discovery and depicts how only when you learn to confront your fears and accept who you are can you overcome your own demons and become stronger mentally.

Keung also explained that the last minute of the song was intentionally left with just the melody and no lyrics for the listeners to digest his story and examine their own stories and feelings. Mirror In Mirror is inspired by the looking-glass self concept by American sociologist Charles Cooley, and Arvo Part’s 1978 song Spiegel im Spiegel, which is German for Mirror In Mirror.

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