Kesha used to be insecure about her freckles


Kesha used to be insecure about her freckles and would always cover them up with cosmetics.

In January, the Tik Tok hitmaker posted a make-up-free selfie and declared that her New Year’s resolution was to “let my freckles liiiiiiiive (sic).” She received praise for the post and has continued to stay true to her word throughout the year.

Speaking to People to promote her make-up line, Kesha Rose Beauty, the singer said she has learned to embrace what she considered to be her imperfections.

“I encourage people to take a break and let your freckles show. It’s something I used to be really insecure about, was my freckles,” she shared. “Then I noticed when I post on Instagram where you can see my freckles, people really seemed to react positively to them because historically it would be an imperfection but now it’s almost like a unique part of myself that I’ve learned to love.”

The 32-year-old admitted that she gives herself a hard time over her appearance and she’s trying to be less critical about her looks.

“Sometimes I just am so mean to myself and I work every day to try not to be so mean to myself and just realise we’re all doing the best we can and we’re all human beings and just trying to be kind. Just being nice to yourself,” Kesha confessed. “I’m not great at it, but I feel like it would make my life a lot easier if I could just be kind to myself every day, which I work on every single day.

“I have little mantras on my mirror, like, ‘You’re the s**t’ because my therapist told me to - and it makes me laugh. Being full of love and happiness is the point of life - I can’t take myself too seriously.”

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