Kerry Washington: 'Time's Up movement has been one of the biggest gifts of my life'

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington considers the Time's Up movement to be one of the "biggest gifts" of her life.

The Scandal star, who recently stepped behind the camera as a producer and director, told InStyle magazine the movement against sexual harassment in Hollywood has brought women closer together, with her calling the initiative, "One of the biggest gifts of my life."

She explained that before the movement was created in January 2018, actresses existed in isolation from one another, with her saying, "We were told, 'That one is difficult, and that one is crazy, and that one is unreliable.'

"We'd been told these untruths because oftentimes you are the only woman in the room. Those labels would get filtered to us about each other."

However, the star is now pushing forward with new ventures, including new movie 24-7, directed by and co-starring Eva Longoria, and another movie being written and directed by Rashida Jones.

"We are really pouring into each other," Washington said. "We became a sisterhood in the industry across different roles and, in particular, with fellow actresses. We are so invested now, and we understand each other."

Kerry added the movement has also seen greater racial representation within the film industry, regardless of gender, revealing: "I'm doing a project with two co-producers who are black men, and it's a different kind of safety.

"In a room full of women, I still have to translate my blackness, in a way... In these rooms there is another kind of safety that comes from speaking to the same cultural, racial identity."

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