Keri Russell: 'I'm not ready to stick to a strict diet'

Keri Russell

Keri Russell is not ready to abide by a strict diet.

The Americans actress likes to eat healthy food, but she is not ready to go on a regimented diet plan and deprive herself of the occasional treat.

"When I see those people who look so great for their age, I'm like, 'Oh, I do want that. I do want to look like that at 60.' I'm just not ready to stick to a strict regimen. I still want to have fun a little longer. I'll still have the pasta Bolognese,'" she told Shape magazine.

Keri eats little and often throughout the day, particularly when she's working, and likes to cook her family a roast dinner on Sundays.

"I'm generally a pretty healthy eater. I mean, I eat a lot. But I have smaller portions throughout the day," the 43-year-old commented. "Especially when I'm shooting, I feel like I have to keep eating or I run out of energy. At the beginning of The Americans, I ate so many doughnuts. Matthew (Rhys) said to me, 'Do you remember how many doughnuts you used to eat?' I'm like, 'Well, I was trying to stay awake.'

"I used to cook a lot more when I had just one kid - good stuff like homemade scones and all these big, fun meals. Now, on Sundays, I usually do a roast chicken and vegetables, and maybe a guilty pleasure like Yorkshire pudding."

Russell, who has three children, also works out by going on a "tough bike ride" or dancing to loud music at home because it makes her feel at her best.

"I'm happiest when I work out. You need that hit - where everything is moving and pumping and you instantly feel positive. I feel my absolute best - my sexiest - after a good workout," she added.

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