Kenneth Ma denies girlfriend being rude to fans

11 Feb – TVB actor Kenneth Ma recently defended girlfriend Jacqueline Wong over reports of her behaviour during their time at her hometown Yuanzhou recently.

As reported on Mingpao, several netizens commented that they recently spotted Kenneth in town, joining Jacqueline and her family's Lunar New Year celebrating and meeting the actress' 95-year-old grandmother.

The netizens shared that while Kenneth was happy to pose for photos with some fans, Jacqueline was being rude towards them and was unhappy with them being there.

When asked about it recently, Kenneth clarified that it was all just a misunderstanding.

Said Kenneth, they were at a restaurant for a family gathering at the time, and that some fans approached him for photos.

"Others shouldn't be able to enter the venue, and we tried our best to satisfy them. But there were too many people and it was a bit confusing," he said.

Kenneth said that they had to stop and say no to the rest of the fans, which might have caused the misunderstanding.

(Photo Source: On CC)