Kenji Wu urges everybody to donate to charity

21 Nov– Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu is urging everybody to donate more money to charity, saying that he himself has experienced what it was like to receive such kindness from others.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who appeared at a charity event on 20 November, shared with the media that he was so financially unstable back when he started working at 18 that he couldn't even pay his rent.

"But the landlord was very kind and did not pressure me to pay him. I am so grateful to him even to this day. He was such a noble man. I feel so lucky, that even during the tough times, there were a lot of people who would help me," he said.

Kenji also stated that his experience made him more motivated to help others, and expressed his intention to donate some of the royalties from his single, "Stamina" to a baseball foundation.

"By donating money, you can help ease the lives of a poor family for a whole year. People in the modern world have a lot of material desire, but in fact we don't need as much," he added.

(Photo Source: Kenji Wu Instagram)