Kenix Kwok’s Talented 11-Year-Old Daughter Renamed ‘Academic Champion’ Of Her School

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Congratulations are in order for celebrity couple and proud parents, Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam! Their 11-year-old daughter Tania earned the title of “Academic Champion” at her primary school graduation.

Sharing photos of her graduation ceremony in an Instagram post on Monday (July 5), actress Kenix Kwok revealed that her daughter was made the school’s “academic champion for three years straight.”


Kenix Kwok And Frankie Lam’s Daughter Is Her School’s “Academic Champion” For The Third Year!

Proud mum Kenix Kwok took to Instagram to share her daughter Tania’s academic achievements. Aside from being named the school’s “Academic Champion” Tania has “various academic awards” to her credit as well.

“Tania, I wish you have a bright future!” Kenix exclaimed in her post.

She also made sure to thank the school’s principal and teachers. The proud mum said that it was because of the school’s holistic approach to education that her daughter looks forward to giving her best every day.

As Kenix put it, ” Tania actively looks forward to learning more, looking at things from multiple perspectives, and [putting these skills] into practice.”

Kenix added that her daughter will be entering secondary school after the summer holidays. And there is just one mantras she hopes Tania will follow: “Work Hard, Play Hard!”

We’re sure Tania will adhere to it, especially since she goes to a school that follows a holistic approach.

How The Holistic Approach In Education Is Beneficial For Kids

As you may know, holistic schools have educators that address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of their students. This gives schools an exciting alternative to education as it allows children to learn with their unique needs and skills in mind.

Here are some of the benefits of holistic education in children:

1. Developing strong internal values

Since emotional social development is also part of holistic education, this allows children to learn important values such as learning to share, waiting for their turn, and helping their peers. This also helps them gain more confidence and become effective communicators.

2. Learning naturally and creatively

Since a child’s psychological, social and emotional growth is also important in holistic education, this helps in motivating children to learn and instils curiosity. Children develop a love for learning at school when they see its fun side.

3. Caters to the individual style of learning

As a student’s unique skills are brought in line with the holistic approach, they learn to build on their strengths, specially in subjects and skills that are of interest to them.

4. Motivation to challenge themselves

When children develop more confidence and better communication skills, they feel motivated to challenge themselves with certain subjects in school. As holistic education leans more towards play-based learning and creativity, they feel motivated to develop their skills as well as work on their strengths.

5. Parents can be more involved in their child’s learning journey

A school that implements a holistic approach would give many opportunities for parents to become more involved in their child’s education. Parents are welcomed to become actively engaged as volunteers for school activities such as workshops and other events.

Lead image source from Instagram / khy_official.


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