Kendrick Lamar Just Gave the Anti-Smartphone a Steely Gray Makeover

Kendrick Lamar wants phones to be a little more humble.

The rapper’s creative company, pgLang, which he founded with longtime collaborator Dave Free in 2020, has teamed up with phone and tech pioneer Light to create a limited edition no-frills alternative to the modern smartphone.

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Described as a “just a phone,” this is a special limited edition of the Light Phone, designed to be used as little as possible. To that end, the 4G LTE device can provide a hotspot but doesn’t support internet browsing, emails, or social media. Essentially, it works just like the mobile phones of yore, allowing you to simply text or call without any fancy distractions. (You won’t even receive images via text.)

Another highlight is the newcomer’s screen. It uses “electronic paper” tech, also commonly called E Ink, which was made popular by the Kindle. As such, the screen is completely legible in direct sunlight and has low power requirements. It also means the Light Phone is free of the backlight that smartphones emit. The battery life of the device is approximately one to two days.

Light Phone
The original Light Phone in white.

Like all phones, Light’s creations do require an active and compatible SIM card to operate. The accompanying dashboard website allows you to manage the phone and do things like import contacts or add tools. There’s also a customizable toolbox menu in which you can add or remove various additional features, such as an alarm, calculator, simple music player, or calendar. Alternatively, you can keep it simple with the standard tools.

The standard Light Phone is typically finished in either white, black, or light gray, with pgLang’s iteration showcasing a steely gray colorway. The kicker? Only 250 examples will be released. The phones will be available via the pgLang website on Thursday, November 2. If you don’t score one of King Kendrick’s limited editions, the regular Light Phone II is available for $299.

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