Kendall Jenner just revealed her favourite new TikTok beauty hack

Kendall Jenner just popped up on IG to share her spring beauty look and revealed she doesn't just inspire TikTok trends, she follows them too. She's just like the rest of us, folks (what I would do to see what's on her For You Page). But back to the point, Kenny just shared her fave new lipstick hack from the clock app and it couldn't be easier. Say hello to the French girl red lip; a sexy smudgy soft take on a red lip that is so easy to wear and guarantees* interesting movie-worthy days. *(We stay delulu.)

She started by priming her lips, telling viewers "I'm obsessed with this Kylie lip butter and I swear it's not because she's my sister. Like this is really nice. It's so silky and smooth and really does its thing." Sisterly support always 💕

Before getting on to the red moment."I'm seeing this trend of this undone red lip, kind of like French girl vibe," she says. Proceeding to try it out herself for seemingly the first time, and she wasn't disappointed. "I'm into this like no liner kind of smudged-out red lip moment."

We're into it too Kenny, we're into it too. It's a much easier way to wear a red lip if you aren't sold on super bold statements or looking 'too done'.

Kendall went on to reveal its source, saying "I saw this on TikTok and... success, this is my spring French girl makeup look I guess." And we wish our attempts to try TikTok hacks went so smoothly first attempt. But this one really looks pretty simple to master.

And she's sold us on the lip butter too, did you see how quickly it quenched her dry lips?

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