Kelly Ripa reaches down Mark Consuelos' shirt to expose hidden talk show cheat sheet live on air

Consuelos wiped away tears of laughter after his wife pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his shirt during "Live With Kelly and Mark."

Kelly Ripa — one half of the horniest couple on morning TV — literally couldn't keep her hands off of her husband, Mark Consuelos, on Tuesday's episode of Live.

Months after rubbing Consuelos' bare feet during a spirited summer telecast, Ripa cozied up to her cohost during the daily edition of Stump Mark, the show's trivia game that sees Consuelos guessing which of two statements a call-in contestant is lying about. The latest installment featured an adorable Arizona woman who was presented with two options: that she was once a coach for a youth baseball team, or that she was one of the coaches for a kids' swim club.

Consuelos asked the woman to name different swimming events and asked her to confirm what kinds of strokes the children did in the water, though, based on her answer, he quickly sank her dreams and exposed the swimming story as a lie. However, a follow-up trivia portion saw the contender win a trip to Panama, and when the show came back from an interlude teasing the trip, Ripa's hands were firmly planted down Consuelos' shirt.

The couple giggled for a few seconds before regaining enough composure to address their audience.

ABC Kelly Ripa reaches down Mark Consuelos' shirt on 'Live With Kelly & Mark'
ABC Kelly Ripa reaches down Mark Consuelos' shirt on 'Live With Kelly & Mark'

"Sorry, congratulations! I just wanted our audience to see how much preparation Mark puts into this," Ripa said while holding up a balled-up piece of paper. "He had it all written out here, the different swim strokes and how many meters they all are, and he didn't want me to show you this so he crumpled it up and shoved it down his shirt, like I wasn't going to go down there to get it."

Consuelos wiped tears of laughter from his eyes as the couple attempted to move on with the show.

The moment marks the latest in a growing line of titillating segments on the daytime series, which, in addition to their prior foot-rubbing summit, recently included a discussion about a pepper-scorched penis, a chat about "nipples that have nursed," and general observations about their naked bodies.

Live With Kelly and Mark airs weekday mornings in syndication. Check your local listings for showtimes in your area.

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