Kelly Fu: Do not link me to Koni Lui's divorce!

12 Mar – TVB actress Kelly Fu recently took to Instagram to remind fans and media alike to not link her with Koni Lui or Dickson Wong, following the couple's previous divorce announcement.

As reported on On CC, immediately following Koni's social media post about no longer being married to Dickson, Kelly posted an old photo shared by Dickson in the past - of him holding a woman's hand wearing black nail polish - and admitted that the issue seemed to have been raised yet again following the divorce news.

It is noted that back when the photo was first shared six years ago, Koni went online and said that she doesn't remember ever painting her nails black and asked if Dickson has uploaded the wrong picture.

The whole thing sparked speculations about Dickson's loyalty in marriage, with many netizens pointed out that Kelly, who has known him since they were in the same modelling company, often wore similar nail polish. Despite her denial, she was labelled a "third party" by the media and netizens alike.

In her latest post, Kelly said that since Koni's divorce made the news, a lot of people have been forwarding articles about them to her, as well as the old photo of the black nails. The actress said that rather than think about their feelings, she would like to clarify once and for all that she has nothing to do with their separation and that it angered her that the issue was raised yet again.

Kelly stated that she had been good friends with both Dickson and Koni, and even played a part as a bridesmaid at their wedding.

"Try to understand my feelings when people said I fell in love with my friend's husband. To me, friends who are in the same industry should know an artist's reputation is very important. Why would they do this for exposure? How can you fake a photo, create a long story, and smear your friend to do this shameless thing?"

"Lastly, I want to say that as we were once friends before, I feel sorry that they are separated. However, I would like to ask my friends to stop sending their news to me. I also hope that reporters won't keep asking me to comment about them," she added.

However, netizens were not amused by Kelly's post. Some commented that nobody remembered the past issue, and that Kelly was not one to have a clean record when it comes to her love life in the first place.

Others also commented that Koni's divorce is not about her, and that she shouldn't have added insult to injury.

(Photo Source: Kelly Fu Instagram)