Keep your hands soft and smooth using these tips

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Keep your hands soft and smooth using these tips
Keep your hands soft and smooth using these tips

27 Sep 2021: Keep your hands soft and smooth using these tips

Till a certain age, your hands and palms will remain soft and smooth. But they will not stay that way for your entire life. Although it is not possible to alter the aging of your skin, there are a few tips and remedies that will help you keep your skin moisturized all the time. In this light, we help you with some suggestions.

Tips #1: Proper technique to wash our hands is the first step

While washing hands, many of us do not really concentrate on the "how" but this is where it all begins. Ideally, you should use warm water and moisturizing soap for washing your hands. Prefer air-drying your hands rather than a towel or napkin. If using a towel to dry your hands, do it gently. Don't forget to apply moisturizing cream or lotion right after.

Tips #2: Oils that will do wonders on your hands

Almond oil contains fatty acids and is a natural product. Apply it on your hands and palms thoroughly and keep it on for an entire night. Olive oil and sugar scrub is also good for your skin. Slowly rub the required amount of olive oil and sugar granules on your hand and palms. Do this for three minutes and wash off with warm water.

Tips #3: Hands and palms should be hydrated to avoid dryness

You might have heard of several cosmetic benefits of aloe vera. Fortunately, it also works effectively on dry hands and palms. Apply raw aloe vera or its gel directly on your hands and legs. Wash them after 30 minutes. It helps your hands stay hydrated and soft. You can do this multiple times a day to keep your skin healthy.

Tips #4: Other remedies you could use at home for hands

Raw honey is another natural ingredient that helps soothe skin pores on your hands. Yogurt and multani mitti (Fuller's earth clay) is another good combination that acts as an exfoliating agent and avoids dryness. Applying a mixture of coconut oil, honey, coarse salt, and sugar for one minute will work effectively. Use this only twice a week. Also, use petroleum gels or moisturizers regularly.

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