Kearen Pang does theatre before focusing on filmmaking

3 Apr – Although she has won numerous awards for her directorial effort, "29+1", Kearen Pang decided instead to make her comeback with a stage play rather than a new movie.

As reported on Mingpao, the director, who went on radio to promote her stage production of "Laugh Me to the Moon", stated that this would be the last time she would do a stage play as she plans to concentrate on filmmaking in the future.

She also admitted that she once thought to do a film adaptation of the said title, before finally deciding on "29+1".

Asked if she would direct a movie written by someone else, Kearen said that she is very particular when it comes to her projects.

"I need a really good script before I can accept, so it is more ideal if I write it myself," she said.

(Photo Source: Kaeran Pang Instagram)