Kayleigh McEnany Accuses Gavin Newsom of Secretly Campaigning for President During China Trip

The latest conspiracy theory bouncing around Fox News is that California Gov. Gavin Newsom secretly is running for president, even though he has pledged not to run against President Joe Biden.

“He is running a shadow presidential campaign,”former Donald Trump disciple Kayleigh McEnany told Fox host Jesse Watters on his show Thursday.

The “overwhelming” evidence McEnany and Watters provided was the fact that Newsom met with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week to talk about trade and economic policies and how to combat climate change.

So apparently the leader of the fifth-largest economy meeting with the leader of China, the second-largest economy, is cause for suspicion and points to conspiracy.

Watters played a recent Newsom interview, in which the Democratic governor said he wants to work with China on trade and environmental protection.

“We need China, and China needs us. Climate change … knows no boundaries, no jurisdiction,” Newsom said.

Newsom went on to say that no one can say which party will control the White House in the future, but either way, California can have a constructive economic relationship with China.

“Regardless of what happens nationally… you have a partner in California,” Newsom said he told Xi.

According to the CATO Institute, California had a $3.6 trillion gross state product in 2022, ahead of India and right behind Germany and Japan.

McEnany made no acknowledgement of that dynamic on Watters’ show. Instead, the former Trump spokesperson said Newsom is only interested in furthering his own political ambitions, and that he is being groomed by Xi. She bolstered her argument by critiquing Newsom’s hair.

“This slithery snake with oily greasy hair doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House,” McEnany said, with no sense of irony about the coiffure choices of her former boss Trump.

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