Kay Tse ends collaboration with Juno Mak

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

7 Jan – Amid rumours of a rift between her and Juno Mak, Kay Tse recently confirmed that she is no longer under the management of Juno's record label, imagine.nation.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was speculated to have left the company after she changed her contact information on Instagram, admitted to the media that her contract with Juno has expired and that there is no new plan for the time being.

Kay also took to social media following her confirmation, writing, "One pass after another, one turn after the other, sometimes it's not easy to go, but you never let go of my hand. Just let the thousand words in my heart, all turned into a heartfelt thanks. When I am weak, I can most feel your tenderness."

On the other hand, Juno himself took to social media to hint about an upcoming collaboration with someone whom he hasn't seen for many years.

"The position is different, but our collaboration is still fascinating. To be meeting again is fated," he added.

Many speculated that the person Juno was talking about is former girlfriend Gillian Chung. However, Juno seemed to deny this by sharing a photo with Karen Mok on Instagram Story.

(Photo Source: Kay Tse Instagram)