Kay Tse designs new collection for a sports brand

7 Feb – Kay Tse is set to launch her own collection soon in collaboration with a sports brand.

As reported on Skypost, the singer who spoke about the project with the media recently, shared that her design will be based on the ready-to-wear concept, where customers can easily mix and match between clothing.

"I am very engaged in this project, from the conception, drafting, to material selection. I thought the brand would reject my ideas, but they let me have my say on everything and I hope to be able to bring something fresh for everyone," she enthused.

She also stated that the focus of the design is on functionality and fashion.

"In fact, I usually use different accessories to decorate my daily styling. So next time if I have a chance, I want to try to design handbags, scarves, headwear, and etc," she added.

On the other hand, Kay, who had been busy in 2019 with the release of a new album and a concert, shared that she hopes to spend more time for herself after the Lunar New Year.

"I want to do yoga and simple weight-lifting routine at home. I hope to be able to do my workouts well," she added.

(Photo Source: Kay Tse Instagram)