Kay Tse apologises for saying she's not fit to perform yet

13 Aug - Hong Kong Cantopop singer Kay Tse has apologised for the misunderstanding caused by her previous statement about supposedly being too fat to perform.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who appeared at the launch of Oscar Siu's new cafe recently, shared that she feels sorry for the misunderstanding caused by her poor expression and that she wasn't saying that everybody has to be at a certain size to perform.

"[What I mean is] I just feel that in my current state, I am still not ready yet to return to work," said Kay, who gave birth to daughter Karina back in March.

She also added that she is currently enjoying her time with her two children, and hasn't settled on a deadline for her showbiz comeback.

"I have decided that I will make my comeback when I am back to my best state," she said.

She also shared her apology online, and clarified that she was only talking about herself in her previous statement, and promised to return in full form when she is ready.

(Photo Source: Kay Tse Facebook)