Katy Kung has yet to reconcile with Rebecca Zhu?

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

18 Feb – Katy Kung sparked rumours of rift with Rebecca Zhu yet again, after netizens noticed something interesting on her Weibo following an ambiguous message she posted.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress shared a photo of herself from her latest TVB series, "The Dripping Sauce", and posted, "Actors are doing their part to fulfil their role, respect their work, and be responsible to those who give you opportunities."

"I welcome you to discuss the plot with me, or to chat, but anyone who disrupts peace and affects others, I'm sorry I can't welcome you here," she added.

The post sparked debate among netizens as to whom that is "unwelcomed" in the said post.

Fueling the rumours further was the fact that Katy did not follow Rebecca on social media and had also unfollowed Matthew Ho, of whom Rebecca is rumoured to be dating right now.

The supposed conflict between the two actresses sparked in summer last year, after Katy posted a message expressing her frustration with someone.

She posted, "Everyone has been working hard and are going through the same struggles. Don't tell me that this person is not feeling well, or that person has been working long hours and then ask me to help out. I've already done it so many times!"

While she didn't elaborate on the subject, many claimed that Katy was directing the post towards Rebecca, who supposedly received a special treatment by the production during the filming of the said drama, while Katy continued her scenes despite having had to be hospitalised for vertigo.

Both parties had since denied the allegation.

(Photo Source: Katy Kung Weibo)