Katy Kung doesn't think her drama character incites hate for police

10 Jul – Katy Kung is confident that she will not be in trouble over her line in the latest episode of her new drama, "Death By Zero".

As reported on Mingpao, in a scene of an episode aired recently, her assassin character was waiting for the right time to kill her target alongside her team mate when they saw police patrolling the area. She then uttered the line, "Do you have any orders? Do I kill two more?"

When asked if the line could incite more hate for the police seeing the current social atmosphere in Hong Kong, Katy stated that the drama is a dark comedy and that people should not put too much emphasis on certain lines.

"The actors are only performing what was written in the script. The focus is still on the plot," she said.

As to whether she is concerned at all that she could be seen as breaking the law now that the Hong Kong National Security Act has recently went into force, Katy said she couldn't say clearly.

"Actors are only doing the work given. Matters related to the law should be referred to the company," she added.

(Photo Source: Katy Kung Instagram)