Katie Holmes Nails A Double-Denim Spring Look

new york, new york april 9 katie holmes is seen on april 9, 2024 in new york city photo by gothamgc images
Katie Holmes Nails A Double-Denim Spring LookGotham - Getty Images

Katie Holmes is pulling out all her best denim this spring. In the past few weeks, the actress has been spotted out and about wearing different denim elements, which have served as sartorial anchors for her outfits, from a trendy pair of cropped barrel jeans to a silver-studded denim trench coat. Now, with her latest look, Holmes is providing an updated version to a Seventies-esque double-denim uniform.

On Tuesday in New York City, the actor embraced the spring temperatures by wearing a casual dark denim set, composed of a waist-cinching sleeveless vest with buttons running down the centre and boxy pockets on the chest, as well as a matching pair of high-rise pleated jeans with a flared bell-bottom silhouette.

Gold accented the ensemble throughout, from Holmes’ layers of gold necklaces and earrings to a pale yellow belt with gold hardware. She finished the look off with her go-to Acne Studios shoes: dark brown square-toe loafers with cinching details across the edges.

new york, new york april 9 katie holmes is seen on april 9, 2024 in new york city photo by gothamgc images
Gotham - Getty Images

Holmes broke down her down-to-earth style in a 2022 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. 'I love my T-shirts, and I love my vintage T-shirts. They’re so yummy,' she said. 'They’re a little dirty, a little stained or whatever, and that’s me.'


When it comes to dressing for red-carpet events, though, Holmes explained that she doesn’t mind going all out. 'We live in a world where we have a premiere and you want to look nice, and it turns into being a fashion person, and I’m like, ‘Well, I just like to look nice, I’m not really a fashion person,’ ' she continued. 'We all just want to look good.'

katie holmes
Gotham - Getty Images

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