Kathy Chow forgives husband's infidelity?

25 Mar – It looks like Kathy Chow has decided to forgive husband Julien Lepeu, if her latest Instagram post is to be believed.

As reported on Mingpao, the Hong Kong model recently posted a photo from son Avner's third birthday party, and wrote in the caption that she is sorry for worrying everybody for the past few days.

"This is the most important lesson in life. We will work hard to do our homework well, learn from it, and progress. We still believe that "love" can improve each other's relationship, and is the source of the solution," she wrote.

Kathy added that they will continue to strive to cherish each other for the sake of their relationship and their family, and be thankful that they have so much in life.

"With the pandemic going on, I hope everybody will take good care of their physical and mental health. Love you!" she added.

Last week, a tabloid magazine accused Julien of cheating on Kathy with another woman by publishing photos of the French businessman kissing and acting chummy with a foreign woman at a cafe in Deep Water Bay while his wife was away.

(Photo Source: Kathy Chow Instagram)