Kate Walsh returning for 'Grey's Anatomy' new season

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Kate Walsh (Image source: Instagram)
Kate Walsh (Image source: Instagram)

Washington [US], September 3 (ANI): Actor Kate Walsh is all set to re-appear in the popular medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy'.

According to Deadline, Kate will reprise her role as Addison Forbes Montgomery in the upcoming 18th season.

Walsh's character is a gynaecological and neonatal surgeon. She was once married to Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and has a loaded history with Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

Walsh made her debut in season one as Derek Shepherd's estranged wife. She continued to be a major player at the hospital for two more seasons, leaving in 2007 to front the Grey's spinoff 'Private Practice', which ran until 2013.

Confirming her return on the show, Walsh took to Instagram and said, "It's really happening."

The 18th season of 'Grey's Anatomy' is all set to premiere on September 30. (ANI)

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