Kate Tsui denies leaving showbiz for marriage

26 Dec – Kate Tsui couldn't help but laugh upon hearing speculations that her decision to retire may have something to do with her relationship status.

As reported on On CC, the actress, who spoke about her decision to leave showbiz for good, laughed when asked if she is indeed secretly getting married, saying that her status as a single woman was never a secret.

"I have been single for many years now," she stressed.

Adding that she is still waiting for love, Kate stated that she will not rush into such a thing.

"I think that the man of my dreams is waiting for me in a foreign country. I won't go and look for it. I will wait for it to come for me," she added.

Kate's last romantic rumours was with European model Moni Demirov, though the actress denied that the two were dating, saying that the model was only working for her jewellery brand.

(Photo Source: Kate Tsui Instagram)