Kate Pang Urges All To Be Careful When Buying Masks After Online Scam

Jia Ling

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, more are scurrying to protect themselves which include the wearing of a mask, in addition to safe distancing measures implemented. 

Thankfully, we can still purchase these masks online. But with the increased demand for masks, like with other popular products, it could sometimes lead to sellers capitalising on these benefits.

So when Singapore-based Actress, Kate Pang got scammed with dubious-looking masks, different from what was advertised online, she took to her social media to urge everyone to be careful when buying masks. 

Masks online scam: Kate Pang speaks up 

According to Pang’s Instagram post on 2 April, the masks she ordered online arrived in plastic packaging. It was different from what she had seen on the site, which featured a box packaging. 

masks online scam

Photo: katepang311 / Instagram

Regardless of how the masks were packed, whether the packer had worn a mask and gloves, it did not change the fact that the masks were not 3-ply as advertised, according to Pang. 

They were incredibly thin such that Pang’s fingers could be seen underneath. 

masks online scam

Masks online scam: “Who dares to wear this?” wrote Kate Pang. | Photo: katepang311 / Instagram

Pang had also included a couple of hashtags which included a call out on unethical sellers who had sold her 2-ply masks instead of 3-ply.

Netizens’ response

Many have commented on Pang’s post agreeing that there are many unethical sellers out there who takes advantage of buyers in this situation by raising the prices of masks. 

masks online scam

Photo: lichingheng / Instagram

“It’s not wrong to earn money, but the money earned should come from a place of being socially responsible,” said cnshiu. 

masks online scam

Photo: cnshiu / Instagram

Another user, imnico06 commented that sellers are detestable for jacking up the prices of masks.

Photo: imnico06 / Instagram

And unfortunately, even others have fallen prey to the sale of these dubious masks, such as user lhkjess.

Photo: lhkjess / Instagram

If you don’t want to waste all these masks, one user pearpocket1308 has suggested layering two masks atop each other. 

“Would still work, but hotter,” she wrote. Still, it did not resonate well with Pang for that would only mean that she paid double for the same number of masks. 

Photo: pearpocket1308 / Instagram

Thankful for kind gestures

Many have offered to send Pang masks and have also shared names of reliable mask retailers after hearing about her masks online scam. 

In a separate Instagram post, she thanked those who have extended their kind support. 

And despite what she had faced, she still believes in the good of people. 

“These fake mask sellers could be lacking in morals (I don’t know how they are able to sleep at night), but I believe that majority of people are kind hearted,” Pang wrote.

“Humans are meant to help and trust each other, else, how we are supposed to survive in this world?”

In the rest of her post, she shared that the family (with husband and local actor Andie Chen), had taken the necessary safety precautions to safeguard their health. 

Especially for families with kids, Pang cautions to never let them touch their faces or rub their eyes.

And in any event kids come into contact with public surfaces, she reminds parents to first sanitise their hands, and then wash with soap thoroughly, soonest possible.

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