Kate Middleton surprised royal fans with piano performance at Eurovision

We may have a rather royal contender for the UK's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, if Kate Middleton's performance at this weekend's event is anything to go by.

During Saturday night's show – which was hosted in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine – the Princess of Wales made a surprise appearance, albeit not a live one.

At the start of the evening, an opening montage was played to the crowd, and in it Kate was seen playing the piano in footage recorded at Windsor Castle. Unsurprisingly, the cameo appearance went down a real treat with fans, many of whom took to social media to praise Kate for her spectacular piano skills.

"Kate Middleton's surprise for Eurovision: THIS QUEEN CAN DO EVERYTHING," one fan tweeted, as someone else wrote: "She really is talented in so many ways!!"

"Kate Middleton playing piano wasn't on my #Eurovision bingo card," another fan wrote of their surprise.

Posting the video to the Instagram account she shares with Prince William, Kate wrote: "A #Eurovision surprise. A pleasure to join @kalush.official in a special performance of last year’s winning @eurovision entry. Enjoy the show, Liverpool."

The post has since racked up more than half a million likes, with yet more praise for the Princess in the comments section. "I jumped on my seat when I saw Princess Catherine playing the piano on TV!" one person commented, as someone else said: "Amazing… What can’t she do?!"

Another fan wrote: "What an awesome surprise. I spat all my tea out‼️" Us too, tbh!

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