Kate Humble delves into people's stories of home in her new book Where the Hearth Is: Stories of home

kate humble good housekeeping live
Kate Humbles shares inspiration of her new bookFiona Hanson/Good Housekeeping

Kate Humble delved into the inspiration behind her new book Where the Hearth Is: Stories of home during a talk at Good Housekeeping Live, in partnership with Dyson on Saturday (11 November).

Different to her previous books Thinking on My Feet and A Year of Living Simply, this book differently delves into reimagining what we consider 'home' by Kate speaking to amazing people about their own stories of home.

The presenter examines her and other's experiences, expectations, ideals and memories of home in the book and said its all about pinpointing: "what makes you feel like you belong there."

kate humble good housekeeping live
Fiona Hanson/Good Housekeeping

From speaking to a mother who is a refugee from Syria to a couple who live and sail around the world on a boat, Kate revealed that her own happy place is her home in Wales.

Kate moved to Wales in 2007 with her husband, Ludo Graham and they now own a farm together. The star said she always wanted to live in Wales, so when her husband got the opportunity to work in Cardiff for a year, they both jumped at the opportunity.

The star added: "My heart longs for Wales when I'm away from there for too long."

In the talk the star also touched on her travel ventures and how important it's to see the world.

The presenter encouraged the audience to see all the places they want to see and added: "Life can throw curveballs at you, so don't wait wait, just go."

Kate's inspiring book Where the Hearth Is: Stories of home is available to buy now.

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