Kate Beckinsale enjoys trampolining to keep fit

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has recently become a fan of trampolining and considers it “the greatest thing”.

The Pearl Harbor actress is dedicated to her exercise regimen and works out with personal trainer Brad Siskind six mornings a week, but in addition to their full-body workouts, Kate likes to practice yoga and has recently incorporated trampolining into her routine.

“I just got into trampolining, and it’s the greatest thing. There’s this woman, Lauren Kleban, who does LEKFit, and I think she’s a genius because she streams classes online,” Kate told Women’s Health magazine, explaining that she bounces on a trampoline in her kitchen at home in Los Angeles.

“It makes you feel kind of jolly!” she added.

The 46-year-old will turn to yoga videos when she’s filming on location and away from Siskind, even though she is often offered a replacement.

“You’ll find yourself in Bulgaria, and you don’t know anyone, and they’ll say, ‘Well, we have a trainer who’s available, and he’s literally called The Punisher,’” the star stated, adding that she’s learned to bring yoga videos with her. “I haven’t been injured while doing an action movie, and I think it’s partially from practicing yoga.”

The British actress makes sure she keeps up with her exercise routine because it puts her in a good mood and helps her alleviate stress, with her joking, “I kind of have to think of myself as a horse or something—time for a run around the paddock.”

Siskind also spoke with the publication and praised his client’s commitment to keeping fit.

“She’s a strong person. I see her six days a week, and she rarely misses a workout. If she does, there’s a good reason. Because otherwise, she’s crushing it,” he gushed.

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