Kari Lake Says Arizona Republicans Tried Bribing Her Not to Run for Senate: ‘They’d Have to Kill Me Before I Would Stop’ | Video

Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake spoke with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” about Donald Trump — and her own political future. Lake told host Maria Bartiromo that the prior head of the Arizona Republican party attempted to bribe her to stay out of politics, but her answer was clear: “I told him to go back to the people back east who were putting him up to this and tell them they’d have to kill me before I would stop, because we don’t have time to sit around and wait.”

Lake explained to Bartiromo that the attempted bribe happened nearly a year ago. “I went public with it immediately after,” she said. “I didn’t name who it was, but I said they attempted to bribe me to stay out of politics. And just this week, I actually found that recording that I made, and I put it out.”

Former Arizona GOP party chair Jeff DeWit resigned after Lake’s accusations came to light. He was replaced by Gina Swoboda, who is known for her extreme pro-Trump views as well as the nonprofit she runs that has falsely claimed to have found voting record issues in several states throughout the United States.

“It happened right here in my home at my dining room table,” Lake said, “when the former AZ GOP chair called me and said he was right outside my neighborhood and had to come over right away and talk to me, and it had to be done in person, he couldn’t say it on the phone. And that was the conversation that ensued.”

She continued, “It was almost 11 minutes of him attempting to bribe me.” That’s when she rebuffed the effort and dismissed DeWit. “We have to jump in, all of us, get active and help save this country.”

“Thankfully, he was replaced yesterday at a meeting with the Arizona Republican leadership. He was replaced by an incredible woman who is an election integrity hero and will make prioritizing, securing our elections here in Arizona a top priority going into ’24. So, everyone in Arizona is breathing a big sigh of relief,” Lake concluded.

Later in the interview, Lake affirmed her strong support for Trump as he makes his second bid for the presidency. “I do support President Trump,” she said. “I don’t apologize for that. He gave us a secure, safe, prosperous America.”

Lake also blamed President Joe Biden for “12 million people here illegally” in the United States, but did not specify where the number in question came from. She added, “I will say one thing: this is a Bidenvasion, a Bidenvasion that was orchestrated and planned by this corrupt administration.”

“And in order to save our homeland, we’ve got to send these people back to their homeland,” she added. “And I think we need to start the largest repatriation project immediately to process these people and send them back to their homeland so that we can save our homeland.”

Watch the interview with Lake in the video above.

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