Karena Lam not affected much by loss of jobs

6 Dec– Despite other artistes losing lots of acting jobs and public appearances since the start of the Hong Kong protests, actress Karena Lam admitted that she was not much affected by it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who appeared at an art exhibition recently, admitted that some of her social activities in Hong Kong have been postponed due to the civil unrest, but that she could always go back to filming.

Asked if a lot of her movie projects have been halted because of the current situation, Karena said that she is doing Taiwanese movies and that those projects are not affected at all by what is happening in Hong Kong.

As for husband Yuen Kim Wai's directorial effort, "Declared Legally Dead" being postponed for release, the actress stated that it is understandable since the Hong Kong people are not in the mood to go watch movies what with the current situation.

"It's good that it was postponed. Good works are not constraint by time," she added.

It is noted that the actress is also involved in the said movie, which co-stars Anthony Wong, Carlos Chan, and Kathy Yuen. The film was originally scheduled for a 5 December release.

(Photo Source: Karena Lam Instagram)