Karen Mok still exhilarated on setting world record

8 Nov – Although most performers would suffer from altitude sickness while performing in Tibet, Karen Mok was blessed to not have experienced such a thing when she held her recent concert in the region.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who appeared on a variety show in Taipei recently to promote her upcoming show recently, also spoke about the experience of claiming a Guinness World Record for a concert performed at the highest altitude ever back in mid-October.

Karen said that all she felt at the time of the performance was excitement, and was not focused at all about the altitude.

"I was very exhilarated. The more I sing, the more energetic I become. It gave me more strength. God really gave me the power to let me complete it successfully," she said.

She also expressed her gratitude to the whole team, saying that she is happy to bring glory to the Chinese for completing this particular effort.

The concert, which was staged on 12 October, was held at the Lhasa Masses Culture & Sports Centre, which is 3.654m above sea level.

(Photo Source: Karen Mok Instagram)