Kareem Thomas Highlights the Nexus Between Sports and Entrepreneurship

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The year 2021, started with fierceness and enthusiasm. As we proceed further, and normalise the post covid norms, business will be effective again, giving you the opportunity you truly deserve. The competition prevalent in various business industries makes it tougher for entrepreneurs to work consistently. But passion and entrepreneurship are 2 jewels that they possess that are highly effective in such a market.

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Kareem Thomas, is one of the top emerging entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality. Hailing from Queens, New York, he started working at a very tender age and influenced his present to manifest success tomorrow. Being a basketball player most of his age, presented him an edge over his fellow entrepreneur, as he equates sports to business and derives significant values out of the same. He learned the meaning of teamwork, perseverance and networking through sports. He considers it as an integral part of his life, which allows him to learn and thrive in real life.

Kareem, 29 years old now, also identifies as a proclaimed actor and aspires to grow in the entertainment industry. Even though the two fields are distant and do not share any nexus, his passion of both has led him to find his true calling.

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He briefly appeared on a popular reality tv show, temptation island. He recalls his distaste with seeking love in someone else’s relationship, but he as he went to the show and experienced things, he realised the positivity it upholds. He was able to survive many challenges are become one of the top contributors towards the show’s popularity.

We asked him to share some tips with us that significantly describes his life journey. With evaluation and scrutinization, we have curated a list describing the same.

Business and passion are two factors that can consume your life. A lot of elements need to align to get the outcome you desire. One needs to be attentive and sometimes ignorant while pursuing big goals.

Celebrate the small wins and love your journey. As you move forwards, you are your own cheerleader if you want to grow, love what you do and celebrate your small victories.

Never stop learning. Once you start exploring further, you will understand that the world presents us with infinite opportunities and it's our vision and willingness to work, determines our prospects. Learn, unlearn and grow.

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