Kang Ji-hwan arrested for sexual assault

10 Jul – South Korean actor Kang Ji-hwan has recently been arrested under suspicion of committing sexual assault.

As reported on Hani News, on the night of 9 July, the "Children of a Lesser God" actor was apprehended by the police at his Gwangju home, following reports that he committed assault on two female employees from his agency.

Reports claimed that the incident occurred after two women returned home with him following a company dinner.

One of the women also reportedly texted a friend in Seoul on the same night, saying that she and the other friend were trapped in Kang's house after having some drinks with him. She also claimed that the assault happened while she was sleeping.

On the other hand, Kang reportedly told the officer in charge that he remembered drinking alcohol but has no memory of assaulting the women.

"But when I opened my eyes, I was in the room [where the female employee] was sleeping," he admitted. He was noticeably still intoxicated during questioning.

A police rep stated that Kang will be questioned again later.

(Photo Source: Channel Korea | Soompi)